Elisabeth Zemetis

Elisabeth Zemetis, owner of Blush

Owner / Designer

Daughter of an art teacher and avid gardener, I was exposed to the beauty, joy and artistic possibility of flowers at an early age. I am inspired by my everyday observations, from walks in the woods, to farmer's markets, to the garden outside my window. My design style is inspired by following the work of the latest styles of leading designers in the field and observing new and unique floral designs in my travels.

After earning my Bachelors degree in Studio Art, with concentrations in Photography and Art History, I continued to pursue the creative arts, including photography, metalsmithing, baking and of courseā€¦floral design, which ultimately won my heart! My floral designs highlight organically styled, lush flowers with distinctive textural components. Each event is seen as a blank canvas to create something unique and fresh.

I live on the shoreline with my husband Marco and dog Holly, who can often be found causing trouble in the floral studio.