About Blush Floral Design

blush floral design

Beth Zemetis


I love that flowers are a fleeting beauty. Their color, form and scent can be taken in only momentarily and the medium is dictated by nature. Finding that one perfect bloom in a studio filled with thousands makes my heart skip a beat. Every event is seen as a blank canvas to create something unique, fresh and beautiful.

Finding beauty in everyday life was instilled in me by my mother, an art teacher, avid gardener and now an integral part of the Blush floral design team. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Art History which furthered my love of design and color. I launched Blush in 2006 after several years of working with flowers and discovering my absolute love of floral design. Over 10 years later I still love every moment of the process from opening up all the flower boxes to the moment where the candles are lit and the last flower is fluffed. I can’t wait to take your vision to the next level!

About the Studio

Blush Floral Design opened its studio doors in 2006. We are located in the small shoreline town of Madison and cater to the entire state of Connecticut and surrounding states. After many years of dreaming of owning a studio, Beth recently built a floral studio located in the far end of her 3 acre property. We are a by- appointment studio.

Blush is a boutique floral studio specializing in weddings and events. We are known for combining lush blooms with textural elements to create natural yet sophisticated floral designs. Our floral design team is comprised of artists who bring their own sense of design, color and style into the studio making each arrangement distinctive. Sourcing the highest quality flowers, both locally grown and imported blooms, combined with gorgeous and unique materials we are able to create a truly beautiful event. Blush books only a limited number of events each season and one wedding per day to ensure a high level of personal attention. Every one of our events is unique, we never make the same the arrangement twice!