Bridal Bouquets!

I wanted to share a few of my recent Bridal Bouquets, all different styles, while I wait for professional shots of the rest of the day!

Classic Round Peony Bouquet…

Photos by Iris Photography

Glamorous Phalaenopsis…

Photos by Robert Norman Photograhy

Textural featuring Succulents, Anemones, Scabiosa…


Photos by Robert Norman Photography

Garden Romance…

Lush Garden style …

A little prettiness for the day!


  1. says

    Love your bouquets, just came across you by accident, and was thrilled to see your beautiful bouquets. I have a quick question though…never worked with succulents as yet, but have brides with an interest in them. How do you get them into bouquets ? Do you wire them through the middles or what ? Haven’t tried either, so this may be a self answering question, but seeing your pretty ones on here, I thought I’d ask. Thanks so much !!

    • Beth says

      Hi Lesley,
      The succulents need a fair amount of support because they are heavier than they look! I support the succulents by wrapping wire around the lower ‘petals’ of the succulents –must do so carefully so they don’t snap off– I then stick a heavier wire straight up into the succulent stem and tape the bundle of wire together with florist tape. It was definitely a trial and error process. The require a good deal of support so they don’t droop in bouquets. Hope this helps!


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