As Spring is getting closer the thought of all the beautiful early Spring flowers filling my studio is making me happy. One of my favorite Spring flowers are Ranunculus. Each petal is so delicate they remind me of the crepe paper flowers I used to make in elementary school. They come in such an array of colors from soft and feminine to bold and bright. Here are a few of my Ranunculus moments…

Photo Courtesy of Denise Cregier

Photo Courtesy of Carla Ten Eyck

Photo Courtesy of Raw Photo Design

Photo Courtesy of Carla Ten Eyck

Photo Courtesy of Robert Norman

Photos courtesy of Megan LaBarbera


  1. Robin Dini Photography says

    I love ranunculus! I never knew that's what they were called. Thanks for the floral lesson :)

  2. Beth says

    thanks Robin and Jacin!
    Jacin, thanks for the comment, I love your blog too!! I have been recommending it to my brides for ideas, it's fantastic!!

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