Bridal Bouquets

Favorite Bouquets of the 2013 Season


The 2013 season was filled with some pretty amazing bouquets! Lots of soft colors contrasted with bold textures and fun greenery led to some of my favorite bouquets in Blush history! Here are some of my favorites… Lush bouquet filled with Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Andromeda, Stock, Dusty Miller and Jasmine vines… Above two photos courtesy […]

Bridal Bouquets!


This past season was a season of color! Almost all my brides strayed from the traditional white and ivory bridal bouquet and chose to carry a bouquet featuring shades of their wedding colors, both bright and muted. Here are a few of my favorites… Photography by: Cynthia Brown Studio Photographed by: Amie Otto Photography Photographed […]

Bridal Bouquet Highlights!


Photo by Robert Norman Photography I think my favorite part of each wedding is designing the bridal bouquets and delivering the bride’s bouquet to her when she is getting ready. By the day of the wedding I have met with the bride numerous times and had countless correspondence with her, I feel a great connection […]