Dose of Color!

This past weekend I was in dire need of seeing some color and living things! This time of year the bare branches and overall brownness of New England starts to take a toll on me and my senses crave something colorful and alive! So, my good friend (and fabulous floral designer) Lauran and I took a drive to Logee’s in Danielson, CT. It was my first time to this amazing greenhouse and it is definitely a place I will be returning to soon. We spent hours going through the greenhouses and checking out all the amazing plants they have growing, from the 100 year old citrus plants to Orchids to blooming camellia trees. We each walked out with a few plants to start our own mini Logee’s in our own homes. Here’s a few shots from our day…

The door to enter the mystical greenhouse:

Passionflower which grows overhead:

100 year old Lemon Tree, which you can’t tell in this picture, but the lemons are actually the size of grapefruits!!

more citrus trees:

Some crazy blue thing!

And, the gorgeous Camellia Tree:

ahhhhhhhhh, my senses feel refreshed and spring isn’t feeling so far away anymore…

February 22, 2011