Look Back at a Romantic Water’s Edge Wedding


Almost 5 years ago we designed a gorgeous wedding at Water’s Edge Resort in Westbrook. It was a perfect Spring day in mid May and it was one of the highlights of my 2008 season! Denise Cregier captured this wedding gorgeously! I loved every bloom used for this wedding! It still makes me swoon when I look back through these pictures…

BFDS_207_ragg_maso BFDS_204_ragg_maso BFDS_181_ragg_maso BFDS_166_ragg_masoBFDS_422_ragg_masoBFDS_212_ragg_masoBFDS_243_ragg_maso


The Chuppah was covered in Lemon Leaf with dogwood branches tucked in. A spray of Garden Roses, Veronia, Dahlias, Peonies and other blooms were lushly arranged to create a beautiful focal point over the bride and groom.


BFDS_275_ragg_masoBFDS_291_ragg_maso BFDS_284_ragg_maso BFDS_283_ragg_masoBFDS_391_ragg_masoBFDS_292_ragg_masoBFDS_445_ragg_masoentrance arrangement BFDS_280_ragg_masoBFDS_471_ragg_masoBFDS_559_ragg_maso BFDS_556_ragg_maso BFDS_555_ragg_maso BFDS_554_ragg_masoBFDS_561_ragg_maso BFDS_563_ragg_maso

April 5, 2013