Pretty Cakes

Cake Erica ObrienCake By Erica O’Brien

I always love seeing the cake at every event. There is usually some correspondence between myself and the baker talking about flower choices and color schemes so that everything coordinates flawlessly. This past season we had the pleasure of working among the most talented bakers in the area and witnessed some of the prettiest cakes we have ever seen at our events! From a cake decorated with a lush cascade of fresh Peonies to delicate sugar flowers petals scattered down a cake each event had a completely unique and gorgeous confection that fit the atmosphere perfectly! I am always amazed at how these talented bakers can create such real looking flowers out of sugar!

View More: by Ana Parzych; Photo by Julia Jane

DSC_5709Cake by Gourmet Galley; Photo by Wildflower Studio

Ashlee CakeCake by Erica O’Brien

View More: by Gourmet Galley; Photo by Justin & Mary

RKP_KJ_087Cake by Little Imagination Cakes


Stefanie Kapra Photo-144

Stefanie Kapra Photo-126Cake by Erica O’Brien

dscf7731Cake by Ana Parzych

jom_1830Lee CakeCake by Erica O’Brien

Stefanie Kapra Photo-322Cake by Erica O’Brien

January 6, 2014